Risk Management

CBS has the capacity and capability to deliver end-to-end solution to manage your business risk. We help you in creating effective risk management strategies and implementation framework to overcome your business risks. We delivering what we promise, and it makes us a trusted advisor to our current and future clients.

Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is a planned business strategy aiming to Identify, Assess, and Prepare organisation for any regulatory changes, dynamic economic environment, and other challenges that may interfere with its ability to run its operations and meet business objectives. The key benefit of ERM is an enhanced perspective and focus on risk management across the organization.

Organisations have been managing risks for many years in different ways. CBS offer its services in managing Risks associated with Technology, Supply Chains, and Future Expansion Costing etc.

Capital Risk Management

Capital risk Management is ability of an organisation to withstand the impact of credit, market and other associated risks it is exposed to. It applies to the whole range of assets that are not subject to a guarantee of full return of original capital.

CBS enable its clients in allocation of current capital in the presence of uncertainty to generate future cash flows over the short and long timeframe.

Operational Risk Management

Operational risk involves the risks and hazards an organization may face when it attempts to run its routine business activities. Operational Risks rise from internal processes/procedures of an organization e.g. breakdown in internal policies/processes/procedures/systems etc. Oversight of operational risks may result in significant negative impact on business performance e.g. Credit Risk from a customer in case overlooked.

CBS offer its services in Operational Risk Management with a focus on risk assessment, risk decision making, and implementation of risk controls, which results in acceptance, mitigation, and/or avoidance of risk.

Supplier Risk Management

Suppliers are known to be the hearts of any organisation. Any issue with the supplier performance, can significantly impact performance of any organisation. With the globalisation, and suppliers based in overseas locations, even minor supply disruptions can result in major disruptions for the organisations. For that reason, it is highly important for any organisation to conduct Risk Assessment exercise for its suppliers.

CBS offer its services in identifying, assessing, anticipating the risks to an organization's supply chain, and how the organization could avoid / swiftly respond to supply chain disruptions.