Business Analytics

Business Analytics helps organisations in identification and analysis of data that they can leverage to solve business problems, identify future investments, customer behaviours that leads to increased Revenue & Profit. CBS Team work with client’s leadership team to identify the Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s) and Metrics to make use of the data to make strategic business decisions and run business smoothly.

CBS offer its services in creating client’s Dash Board Design, Data Analytics, Management Reporting and Cross Functional Reporting.

Dashboard Design

‘A picture says a thousand words’, that’s what dashboards do for a business. Dashboards display the most relevant and important information about business performance at a glance. CBS Team help you to develop most effective dashboards with relevant information at different levels in organisation that gives snapshot of the big picture of business to granular details at process level.

Data Analytics

Data analytics is the science of analysing raw data using relevant statistical models to make meaningful conclusions about that data. It can reveal trends & metrics that can be helpful in optimizing processes to make scientific business decision. CBS Team will partner with you to dig out meaningful information from your available database for better decision making and growth of the organization.

Management Reporting

Management reporting is the business information given to the Management Team of an organisation that enable them to understand business performance and make more accurate, data-driven decisions. Our management reports are specifically designed to answer the ‘so what?’ for your business and highlight key trends to identify future opportunities.

Accounting Analytics

In, Accounting Analytics, we link your financial statement data and non-financial metrics to your organisation’s financial performance. Your financial data can be used to assess the factors that drive your financial performance and, also forecast the future financial scenarios to make data driven business decisions.